Are you a caricaturist?

Yes and no. I’m a caricaturist in that I use heavy stylized lines to draw portraits. However I do not exaggerate features for comedic effect.

But don’t you want people laughing at your portraits?

The problem there is that the subject is often the one not laughing.  I don’t want my artwork to be a vehicle for embarrassment. Those pictures end up in the trash. I want my work to be put on display.

Why do you digitally draw your portraits?

There are many advantages:

  • My models (your guests) get to watch the drawing process rather than sit and nervously wait for their picture.
  • Kids who can not sit still can get their portrait drawn with no stress to parents.
  • Models are drawn from a photograph and are free to return at a later time for their portrait.
  • There is no smell of chemical markers to disrupt your event.

Do you use a program to convert images to portraits?

No.  All portraits are hand drawn and colored. I do not use any programs to “vectorize” or otherwise take shortcuts to creating your portrait.  This is art aided by technology, not technology produced art.

What do the models/guest get?

That depends on the location. At an outdoor event where there is no access to electricity, I print the pictures as 2×3 inch stickers on portable battery powered printers. At indoor events there is the option of larger prints. Either way however, models get a high resolution digital copy of their image sent via email which they are free to print as they wish.

Can I use the portrait on facebook, instagram, twitter, etc.?

Absolutely. And I will resize the picture to the appropriate dimensions for any social media or other online use free of charge.

Do you do corporate events or private parties?

I do. For these events the per person cost is much lower and can be further reduced by not offering printed portraits. This can be a good option as guest often prefer to not have to carry around a picture.  With access to wi-fi, portraits can be shared on the spot and showed off via smartphone.

This sounds great. How do I hire you to make my event even more memorable and amazing?

It’s easy.  Drop me a line.