Single Portraits

If you’d like a single portrait done, please order it through my Peculiar Portraits Etsy store.  Because these are done at my leisure, it can be considerably cheaper and of better quality than if you see me at a faire or other event.


If you’d like to hire me for an event, I offer different pricing packages.  These prices are good for most of the Hudson Valley, NY area.  Service in the Tri-State area may incur reasonable travel costs.  Please inquire.

Basic Package  –  $100 for the first hour, $75 each additional hour.

  • Eight guaranteed* portraits per hour.
  • Guest receive their portraits via email within 24 hours. (Wifi access may allow guest to get their portraits immediately.)

Sticker or Printed Package  –  $150 for the first hour, $85 each additional hour.

  • Six guaranteed* portraits per hour.
  • In addition to the digital image, guests receive either:
    • A glossy 2×3 inch sticker of their portrait (battery powered printers).
    • A 4×6 dye sublimation print of their portrait (electrical access needed).

Add-Ons  –  Please give ample time to procure stock.

  • Keychains.  Clear plastic keychains to insert the 2×3 portrait.  $3 each.
  • Desk or wall frames.  I can supply picture frames in a variety of styles.  Prices range from $5 – $20.

*Note that the portraits I’m able to do in a limited time frame are going to be quicker and more stylized.  It will still be good accurate portrait work that I can be proud of and your guests will be pleased with.  

*Guaranteed number of portraits are what I expect to be able to finish.  It may be a little more or a little less depending on a host of factors but on average I can do 8 – 10 portraits an hour.  If for some reason I do not meet the guaranteed number at the event, photos will be taken and the remainder of the portraits will completed and emailed within 48 hours.